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Happy Holidays commanders! The DTA team are here with an early present, bringing balance changes, updated missions, as well as a brand new campaign system!

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Happy Holidays commanders! The DTA team are here with an early present, bringing balance changes, updated missions, as well as a brand new campaign system! Let's go over how this system works:

As can be seen in this image, the client can now actually track whether or not a previous mission has been completed and lock individually selectable missions that depend on a previous one being cleared. This means that you can go back and retry or replay specific missions without redoing the entire campaign.

For campaigns like The Toxic Diversion which has multiple possible routes depending on certain variables, the client can even track your choices and allow you to start a mission setting the variables via the mission selection screen once unlocked. This makes it a lot easier to try all the different paths without a full playthrough each time.

We have also made some changes to how we list difficulty levels. The standard "Easy, Medium, Hard" will apply to missions tailored towards a wider audience. However if you see the hardest difficulty listed as "Brutal" instead, the mission is intended to be somewhat harder than standard C&C missions and so it's recommended to clear it on a lower difficulty on your first playthrough. Missions with "Ultimate" as their final difficulty are tailored to provide top-tier players with a challenge.

During testing of this new system, we also took the time to overhaul some older missions to work with current balancing, as well as bring a few into Enhanced Mode. The missions are:

  • The Toxic Diversion Campaign
  • Mayday
  • Sarin Gas 1 & 2
  • Under Siege 2
  • Freezingly Desperate Grip
  • Multiplicating Force

We strongly feel that recent balance changes have only made these missions more diverse and fun to play, and we highly encourage even those who have already completed them to go and re-experience them.


- Balance -

Aside from mission rebalance, this patch also brings significant balance improvements to certain units, in an effort to bring more variation to especially PvP matches.


The Enforcer seems to have a balanced level of strength for the lategame it is mainly intended for. However its profficiency to power through lighter units and buildings has made epic-rushing too safe an option for the Allies. Therefore we are adding the Repair Bay as a prerequisite for it and upping its price by 100$. As we don't want this to be an overall nerf, we have also given it the ability to self-repair, as we believe an on-board repair crew also makes logical sense for a rolling barracks.

Chrono Tank:

The Chrono Tank has become much easier and more intuitive to use with its new mechanics. However its ability to escape via teleport after an attack has caused issues in PvP games. We did not want to nerf it as its previous iteration felt underwhelming for a heroic unit. So instead, we have opted to move it behind the Chronosphere, to simply delay its entrance into the game thus giving the enemy more time to prepare an adequate response. This also feels rather natural to us given it is essentially a miniaturization of the Chronosphere.

Heavy Tank:

The Heavy Tank has received some buffs to its power at the expense of a range point. This will help a core problem of the Soviets where their scaling throughout the game is very uneven. Previously a lone Heavy Tank was not significantly stronger than the much cheaper Medium Tank, however in big numbers their extra range made them near impossible to tackle head-on. This should even things out a bit and make the Soviets revolve less about a mad dash to their endgame.

Mammoth Tank(s):

Both of the game's Mammoth Tanks are getting buffed, particularly the Soviet one. They were rarely seen used and didn't seem worth their high costs. The Soviet one in particular should now properly compensate for its incredibly slow speed, and be the steamrolling monster it was meant to.


The previous patch seems to have had a positive impact on the Soviet's overall playstyle in not over-relying on the Behemoth. However it seems to us that some powers buffs are in order, as the shorter-ranged Behemoth has proven a bit harder to utilize than anticipated.

Cyborg & Stealth APC:

These two units were both moved to now require the Bio Research Facility instead of the Temple of Nod to build. This is to give Nod a more even and gradual power-progression throughout the game, and not have both of their heroic units delayed compared to everyone else. This combo helps them apply some immediate pressure when accessing their tier 3, instead of it only serving as a stepping-stone towards the Temple.


This duo has received a somewhat balance-affecting quality of life improvement, in that they will no longer auto-target enemy vehicles that they stand no chance of killing anyways. They will only auto-target enemy infantry unless specifically ordered otherwise.

Heavy Raider:

This unit's previous model felt out of place to a lot of fans and certain staffers, and was deemed too obvious a reference to a certain movie. It now has a new model more closely inspired by a TS design. In addition they won't cause friendly fire damage to each other anymore.

Nod Heavy Raider In-Game

We hope that this patch brings more variation and polish to gameplay, as well as replay value to our campaigns. As always we hope to see you on the battlefield via CnCnet, and are planning to host a gamenight soon!

If you already have DTA installed, just run the client (DTA.exe) and let it update. If you don't yet have DTA installed, you can get the latest version from the Downloads page.


You make sprites of vehicles out of models, or draw by hand ?

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Vehicles are 3D modeled and then rendered to sprites.

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commandos auto-targeting infantry sounds like a mobile anti-infantry turret

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They do work well for anti-infantry purposes, but are also rather fragile themselves.

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Fantastic! I can't wait to try it out!

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the new not-tumblr is much better!

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I did notice that Tanya's cross hair is shaped like the female symbol, nice touch!

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