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News about the music pack. It'll be available in the downloads section soon.

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Hi everyone!

I'm Datafox, the musician of Bob the Blob, and I want to share a few words about the project and share a few songs of Bob the Blob to you. When I was contacted by my friend Hilselinko about the project, all I thought was like "Wow, they want my music to their project?!" My music project Free Fall had the perfect musics for the Block Heaven dimension, so in the beginning I basically had to do nothing but provide the high quality versions of the songs.Now I'm working on the game's sound effects also, and I'm making the soundtrack to the Steam Works dimension. But no more of this, I'll say a word about the tracks.

Alpha BarrierThis was the first song of the four "Barrier" songs, named after Greek alhpabet. It was way better than my other "old season" songs. After a while I made Beta Barrier, then Gamma and Delta. Delta barrier sucked ass too much, so I stopped making Barriers, and continued on random names.Gamma BarrierGamma Barrier is probably the best song I've ever composed. It's very melodic, not too fast nor slow, and just awesome. Many people have liked it, and I hope you like it also.

Deep In The BeatDisco time! I still wish I could make another diamond buried in the rocks. This is one of my "new season" songs. I personally don't like it that much, but only because it sounds more mainstream than my usual stuff. As you can probably hear, my "new season" has better instruments and effects, but lacks the great ideas of the "old season".

This is the second diamond in the rocks, and only "new season" song my non-electronic listening friends have liked. It's way too perfect for me to understand how I managed to compose it. If I had to select one song from all of my productions, it would be Perfection.

That's about it. Some music for you to listen while waiting for Bob the Blob to be published. If you like my songs, go listen to all of them at The site is Finnish unfortunately, but you'll understand how to play the tracks. See you next time I announce something.



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