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New data cable and diving systems in Sunken. Data cables act to link sensors with other equipment, diving suits let workers explore the depths of the ocean.

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Here's a quick video showing the new "data cable" system and basic diving operations in Sunken.

Data cables will function similar to something like Minecraft's redstone. They can carry a simple on/off signal from sensors and equipment to other equipment. Basic logic gates will allow for the player to create complex systems to manage their base. In the video, a simple airlock is created by using a water sensor.

Because the base is deep underwater, the workers will often have to don diving suits to go out into the water and perform various tasks. This will eventually be one of the more deadly things for your workers to do, because the sea will be full of all kinds of hazards.

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Give me alpha, beta... something and I will throw my money in your face !!!

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