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DarthMod: Shogun II will not be updated again unless it is needed for a new CA patch adaptation or other very important reason.

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DarthMod: Shogun II "Last Edition" got its final hotfix

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The SteamWork version is updated automatically and is ready for you to play GET IT!


You can download the Launcher version from ModDB

DarthMod: Shogun II v4.3 Last Edition


Updates will follow for DarthMod Empire and Napoleon which will finalise for good the mods. DarthMod: Shogun II will not be updated again unless it is needed for a new CA patch adaptation or other very important reason.

Have a look at the latest changelog

Special new in v4.3+++ (Last Edition) 29/10/2012

  • AI formation improvements for even more challenging battles.
  • AI ships should stack to map borders much less frequently (it cannot be negated because the naval battle maps are too small).
  • Combat animation tweaks for, maybe, the best melee mechanics ever for this mod.
  • Happiness penalties less for FotS modern buildings.
  • Modernization penalties less for FotS traditional buildings.
  • Sengoku CAI should not build so many light ships as before.
  • CAI should be more rational to make trade agreements and generally more stable in diplomacy when it is an ally.
  • Artillery more accurate.

Special new in v4.3++ (Last Edition) (7/10/2012)

  • Found finally a work around to bypass the wrong hard coded movement modifiers (those that make soldiers too slow when they charge or go uphill). The speeds are now normalised and the AI reactions are much benefited from this.
  • Diplomacy Friendly/Hostility thresholds balanced to be more friendly biased (not so aggressive/hostile CAI for more reasonable diplomacy).

Special new in v4.3+ (Last Edition) (4/10/2012)

  • Many repairs to the AI Formations that previously made the AI to behave strangely.
  • Improved the Shell/Cannon Impact effects even more (Darth Effects).
  • Many game balances here and there for the spectacular, challenging battles you always want and always get from DarthMod series.

Special new in v4.3 (Last Edition) (2/10/2012)

  • Updated to work correctly with the latest CA Patch (There was the mixed audio sounds problem again).
  • Several balances in gameplay and AI formations. You should get now the best possible challenge in Land and Naval battles with very satisfying animations, melees and realistic havoc.
  • The bug that made matchlock units not to "fire at will" volley shots is now fixed (thank you for reporting multiple times).
  • Many improvements to the Darth Effects especially for the gun muzzle effects and the howitzer shots.
  • Adapted the Launcher to apply correctly the mod scripts according to the latest official mod manager Launcher of the game. You should not use the PLAY button anymore. Just apply your options whenever you want, close the launcher and click at the official game shortcut to start the game. When the mod manager opens, choose only the "darthmod_shogun.pack" or one of the other DarthMod packs if you want to play with Vanilla Garrisons, Vanilla Handicaps etc.
  • There is also a new special Steam Workshop version of the mod which you can download directly from Steam Workshop with the name "DarthMod: Shogun II SW Version". This version includes in a pack:
    • The gameplay and AI of DarthMod
    • The increased unit sizes which you change in the menu easily
    • The FotS Bayonets by IGdood & Kungfuserge
    • The Darth Effects
    • The Horo Removal by The Hedge Knight
    • The JFC Unit Cards
    • Full Multiplayer support (All players running this version can see eachother online and can also play with the increased unit sizes

    To use all the extra submods you must use the Launcher version or apply manually the Pack Version of the mod.

  • In a few words DarthMod: Shogun II is now offered in three different ways which you must use seperately according to your needs:
    1. The Full Launcher version (It has the most options and submods)
    2. The Mini-Pack version (The user can manually install it as per instructions ->Not advised for novices)
    3. ***NEW*** The Steam Workshop version (It includes only the necessary and has the best multiplayer compatibility). The Steam WorkShop version is right here!

Full Launcher Version Info

DarthMod Shogun Promotional Pictures

It is fully save game compatible with your previous DarthMod Shogun.
(unless you use the new Steam Workshop version
which may be save game incompatible according to the settings you used before)

Before you install, make sure you have uninstalled any previous version.

  • The Steam WorkShop version has not all the options of the Launcher version but has almost everything you need in terms gameplay and is the most easy to play and use for Multiplayer. More info right here!


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DarthMod Shogun Promotional Pictures

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