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This open beta is very easy to install and is fully recommended to use it. Not only because it will enhance your gaming experience but also because you will help me to fine tune until the next version of the mod. Maybe fine tuning will not be needed. Lets see...

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What it includes:
-Brand new CAI weight system. The previous had a lot of vanilla inconsistencies. The vanilla programming of CAI priorites in the map was mostly this: (Create armies, Create navies, do not worry about bankrupt or development... we have for you super handicaps). Because I have removed the handicaps from the campaign (They are for the weak minded) now this file had to be re-examined. In short what you should witness is the following:
More balanced CAI, trying to develop its land, not to overspend and also dynamically to reduce/increase its forces according to income, repair land buildings/armies, trade and use more dynamically the navy.
-The exaggeration of CAI to help allies more than its own lands has been removed.
-Agent movement points reduced (from 200 to 100).
-Army movement points bonuses removed (Reverted to vanilla as requested).
-Republic gains more repression bonus from buildings in compensation for its low repression ability as a government type.

Feel free to test and tell me how it works. You can apply over your existing campaign with no problems but the reduced movement points will remain for recruited units. To see the full effect you must start a new campaign.

Visit the download link

There is also a feedback and poll thread there to post your opinions.

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