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Many CAI enhancements which fine tune the diplomacy and the aggressiveness of AI. This version will be synced with the upcoming DMUC 6,4

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Special new in version 6,35-6,4
-Various faction AI characters where changed.
-Balanced the diplomatic relations negative values so that friendly stance means friendly, neutral means indifferent, etc. This file (diplomatic relations_attitudes) worked fine until I modded the diplomacy file unlocked by "taw" (diplomacy_attitudes) this was required because the campaign would become too peaceful.
-Different religion will have more impact penalty in diplomacy.
-Made the CAI to build more ship of the line and frigates and not so many trade ships.
-Fixed a small glitch in the british 5th rate which had smaller reload rate than it should have.
-CAI will examine an invasion to province with 10% more risk than before (should make the AI to attack more).
-The newest UPC by Swiss Halbedier

Also the installer is now fully automatic. You just press the .exe and follow the simple instructions.

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