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The best mod for Empire Total War became better. The bigger version of the mod, the DMUC is still in 6.0 version but it will be updated soon.

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The enforced version which was a temporary version before the release of 6.1 is not available any more.

This is the new changelog:

Special new in version 6,1 (including older 6.0 enforced version):

-CAI corrections which affect AI reaction in defense
of regions, response to port attacks, correction of possible AI
confusion mid turns, AI naval repairs.

-Weakening of melee troops of Native Americans and Indians (Mostly
morale and shield lowering). Now they should be shocked more from
proper musket fire and maybe will not be able to even reach
the line infantry. Also the shield defense was very large for
the Indians (7) so this made them too powerful and musket
resilient also.

-Includes the Naval Pitch&Roll fix (thanks to Monkeybreadman
for the helpful feedback on this) and also some new values
which I hope improve the resistance of low level ships (to sink
prematurely). Also sailing against the wind has more penalty.

-Naval wind speeds made more realistic according to direction (Slower).

-Pitch&Roll effects balanced according to new settings to make the
effects more realistic and help the endurance of ships.

-Naval Moral effects balanced to fit new settings.

-Chainshot became 35% more effective.

-5th Rate and 6th Rate ships gained more hull points.

-All ships campaign movement points increased a lot. This helps the
trading locations to become theaters of war and also helps tremendously
the AI naval invasions. The hard code seems sometimes to timeout
if the destination is too far away so this method makes the Naval
Invasion System of DarthMod Complete.

-New melee mechanics making units more responsive and also musket units
more defensible against heavy melee troops.

-Native Americans can hide&move, hide&shoot.

-Land Mortar calibration improved (Now it is far more effective).

-Field artillery calibration improved slightly.

-Old technology muskets have more misfire penalty.

-Made squares more resilient against cavalry.

-Fatigue thresholds changed so that units willl become tired more easily
and not run all the time (Affects AI positively).

-New Melee mechanics creating the necessary adjustments so that: Chaos
of battle is maintained, cavalry is not so powerful, bayonet musket
troops are not as weak against melee troops as before.

-Musketry slightly more powerful (It feels even more real).

-Extreme Projectile adjustments to cannons:

  • All solid shots gained realistic
    fragment damage according to their caliber. This includes all
    infantry cannons, naval cannons except the early cannons of the
    campaign which still kill by impact only. Artillery lovers... you
    are going to love this! It is real! No more mortar and howitzer
    useless solid shots. In fact, solid shots are the best average
    solution, as it was in History.
  • Carcass more powerful.
  • Rockets more powerful.
  • Fort cannons gained realistic ballistic speeds
    and are more effective (They had the vanilla laser ballistics

Those who have mods based on DarthMod must
include or adapt all the projectile files.

-Radical change of native american style of
warfare. (Melee skills increased, Morale lowered). Now they fight more
like Indians concerning the limitations of the game and of course
cause a lot of casualties from where you do not expect they will.
You will feel their ferociousness but also the might of the musket
against them. Same balance logic follow now the desert and camel

-Arrow and throwing axe damage increased to realistic levels( Since now
they new type of Native American warfare makes that possible for
balance reasons).

-CAI will build more artillery in army, Easterns will build even more
artillery and cavalry, Native Americans will have more infantry.

-Breakthrough in BAI response system. I
nullified the delay(?) stat in unit_stats_land (@modders change the
unknown15 column in unit_stats_land file to zero). Also I maxed out the
unused1 and unused2 columns in the same file (unsure if that
affects something but to be sure I did this). The result is an AI
which responds, muskets, flanks and challenges the player than never
before. Also the player's units become more effective.

-Acceleration values tweaked to balance the new system.

-Mughal and other Islamic units cost & upkeep
lowered significantly to reflect their historic ability to wage large
armies and to be able to defend better against Maratha. (Thanks Xwhyzed
for the feedback)

-Buccaneers invisible sword (Vanilla bug) fixed.
-Naval Chain shots improved realistically as

-Saxony gets a school from the start of the

For more information visit the DarthMod Empire forum

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