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we are looking for some intrepid, patient and passionate pre-release testers to help us locate and destroy all the bugs in our game. Are you in for a true challenge? If so, here you have the details:

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as you know, during last month and a half we have been working with a small group of passionate testers. We really thank them, they are people really enthusiastic about helping us out to make this game truly shine in the indie scene and deliver its full potential to a massive audience. Without them we won't be at the point of the development we are now (even most of them also helped a lot to build the amazing Darkout Wiki!)

On our side, we have been doing our best to get rid of the huge amount of bugs that appeared in every new patch, sorting out technical issues and trying to implement suggestions. You can be sure the team has been working hard as ever.

During last couple of months we have been trying to get there by all means. Finally Valve's answer came out as "Darkout looks promising, but you should go through Greenlight". As most of you know and have requested, our goal is to get more exposure (Greenlight votes) and finally be able to release Darkout on Steam.

As you know, the game has been evolving and presenting some bugs, particularly during first weeks after launch. Now the situation is much better, but not completely solved. We are doing significant changes in the game to adapt it to your feedback, fixing, enhancing... and our small testers group is not enough to take in all this work. We need extra help, a team of 7-9 people is not enough to find and analyse all the bugs (old and new ones) that emerge with each new version.

And here comes the point of this post.
We have planned to relaunch Darkout in a month, with as many improvements as possible, balanced research points system, improved fighting (dark/light) system, first game boss, and even try to have the first multiplayer version! so with all those features we firmly trust we can do a press release to all the major sites and get the public attention that this game and community deserves.

But to be able to reach this point of maturity in the game we need your help, so we can have a great title and start the press campaign to gather votes for Steam with the game in the best possible conditions.

We need around 10-12 extra beta testers to help out our present team. And you may be wondering... which skills do I need to be a pre-release tester? basically two things:

-Commited person, willing to test strange behaviours in the game and able to depict them with as much detail as possible.

-Team worker, able to discuss the situations patiently with the team (other testers and also the devs).

If you like the idea of being part of the pre-release testers team, contact me and explain why you think you can help us:)


PS: Original announcement in our forums:

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