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Darkout Patch 0.2.3 is officially out! and also we have some new gameplay videos published! We are working on the next one, that we hope to be released very soon! Tons of bug fixed, graphic and gameplay improvements for everyone! Go check it out!

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Gameplay videos:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:

You will notice that during the first videos the game has no background, don't worry since this was a bug that is now solved. Hope you enjoy and thanks to @ringod123!

Also, we released a few patches this last week, most patching the patches but we got there!

Here is a general note for the major updates in this new 0.2.3 patch:1. Scrapheap bug fixed
2. Suit stats and boosters fix. earning research points fix. Renamed some images.
3. fix to not being able to use I & X for open when entered numbers for crafting
4. brighter resources
5. Suit stats and boosters.
6. Fixed torch sound loops
7. last of the icons!
8. Can now enter desired number to craft for instantly craftable items (wood, Metal Bars, etc.)
9. Idle states for enemies
10. Plants in Water
11. Removed character and world creation limit, and added scroll function to list in main menu
12. Added more advanced ores
13. Added all remaining Items in game
14. Batch crafting of items that craft instantly (enter value between 1-300)
15. Crafting now uses resources in containers nearby in your base as well
16. suit light colours now defined by crystal used in construction
17. Random camp sites appear with lootable chests
18. Random chests appearing with loot
19. Multiple random drops now from Scrap heaps
20. Fixed game resolution scaling that cause blocks/mining/character misalignment
21. Added old crashed pods that can be looted (rare find)
22. Fixed cable wall placement
23. Extraction Table functionality added (can now reclaim a parts from items)
24. Smelter Functionality added (Can now melt down Items for metal)
25. Add new Info menu when clicking on Icon in Crafting & Research menu's
26. Crystals now appear sparsely through tunnels and caverns.
27. Toned down over bright lighting from Bloom/Volumetric
28. Various small bug fixes


Ugh I need to buy this!

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