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Major mess up with the newest Update for Darkness Eternal -.-

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So it turns out that the newest update to Darkness Eternal: Jake's Tale was kinda broken and didn't actually update the game at all -.- But I fixed the Download now so If you happened to download the previous update I'd suggest you download the fixed version because the old version DOES NOT WORK.

Grab it here:

Darkness Eternal: Jake's Tale BETA Update 2


Extract .EXE inside your current Darkness Eternal: Jake's Tale folder and replace all files. UPDATE 1 NOT REQUIRED.


1. Fixed numerous grammatical errors
2. Fixed some text clipping and missing words from dialogue
3. Changed a few mistakes in the story-line
4. Removed a conversation which was meant to be removed LONG ago
5. Added a World Map!
6. CONTROLLER SUPPORT! Hurrah! (Still working on it though)

World Map:

World Map

Full Game:

Darkness Eternal: Jake's Tale

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