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Welcome to a new world of darkness! A good one, like... happy one, but it's dark!!
Darkness Anomaly is game i've been working on for many years as a solo game developer.

A game to remember, a game to cry and laugh with.
Imagine you, not playing an FBI Agent, but become one! This is my goal, this is something i want to archieve. A game where your decisions matter, an experience where you are not be taken by the hand, but rather be forced to pay attention and to use your brain, to be able to think like an agent and investigate like one! Imagine a complex story, full of emotions and suffer, real characters with their own mind and history. Tragic events and horrorfying creatures waiting for you to make a mistake. Intense and challenging gameplay where every decision matter!

You always wanted to get your foot into the world of game development?
Let me help you! We can go through your questions together. Where to start, where to go.

This is Darkness Anomaly.

To develop a game and require a huge commitment and of course time.
Time is a big currency in the industry. To be able to focus on game development on fulltime is a goal for every indie game studio or developer. Thats why i am hoping we could archieve this goal trough this campaign! Im counting on horror fans and people who wants to figure out a way how to get into game development, discover the first steps and the ideology. Care to join for a (promised) bumpy but a fun ride?

If you build on open world it requires time, assets must be created and time must be spend on planning those out! But you can help me to create this world with your ideas and more!

Your opinion and your ideas are important! So share them with me, ask questions and let's just have a great time here!

Please support us!


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