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news update dark world. At the moment im just trying to make the game run as smoothly as posible. Also got some lighting problems and iam working on the AI. The maps are as good as ready so wont take long till its released.

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Added three new maps to the game. The game has now 12 maps and a bonus map.
This game is not a rambo shooter! you wont come face to face with hordes of zombies. But its more focused on creepy areas and atmosphere.
If you like games like silent hill or condemned this is for you!
This is my first hl2 mod and only focused on level design. Im no pro in lvl design, but i learned a lot from building this series of maps/ideas maybe in the future I work on one idea outr to its fullness.
I would say the atmosphere of this mod is a bit oldskool hl1/quake like.

13 custom maps
+/- 2hours gameplay
hl2 singleplayer horror survival
custom soundtracks

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