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Time to shine a little light. After months of keeping all this awesome to ourselves, we are finally able to reveal a glimpse of Dark Matter’s environments, and technology. Dark Matter is our next full-fledged game, and while it’s set in the same continuum as Nuclear Dawn, it also is completely different from anything we’ve done before. Gone are the large FPS arena battles, to make room for focused, scary 2.5D combat and adventure.

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Explore the dark hallways of a derelict spaceship, investigate the lights in the sky, and do try to stay ahead of the insidious infestation that’s taken over the Endeavour after your ship mates were butchered by an unidentified force.

Dark Matter’s pacing and action is a blend of Metroidvania and survival horror genres, with a whole lot of InterWave-branded tactical combat thrown in for good measure. There’s inventories and customizable weapons, crafting and resource collecting, along with a good deal of taxing your grey matter.

Stay tuned for more news and information on gameplay, as we delve deeper in the darkness… soon.

Key Features:

  • 5 major chapters in an epic tale of deep space survival
  • 6 weapons and 5 ammo types, along with weapon and armour upgrades
  • Collect scrap and alien resources to craft your own tools and health packs
  • Invest in the weapons and upgrades you prefer, develop your own combat techniques
  • Complex enemy AI that reacts to the player’s actions and tactics
  • Non-linear exploration and storytelling
  • Elemental ammo effects that allow you to freeze, dissolve, electrocute or set fire to your
  • Light and darkness are integral parts of gameplay, not just visual touches
  • Uncompromisingly real-time lights and shadow casting for spine-tingling moments of pure,
    darkness-fuelled terror
  • Clean, hand-painted textures and custom shading techniques are combined in a unique
    visual style
  • Dynamic soundtrack that adapts to gameplay circumstances
  • SteamCloud support and Steam Achievements
  • Dark Matter will fully embrace Steamplay for Windows, OSX and Linux

We want to publish the game on Steam but we need your vote to get there!
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