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New computer/College/Name change/My ever improving art style/Custom models made with Maya/etc etc Some pretty general stuff, just so you know what's been going on. Also, in other news, I'm not dead! :D

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Okay. So, first things first; I'm a terrible terrible serial procrastinator. It's not that I don't want to work on the mod, I just keep putting it off until I have so much work to do that I don't even have time to procrastinate working on the damn thing. Now.

1) New computer

Yes, I have a new computer. One with working sound and without a fucked up monitor, or rather, a broken VGA monitor cable for said monitor (seriously the problem was that simple). At least, it isn't a desktop computer this time so I don't have to worry about all those cords and wires. So this is good news.

2) College

So, yeah... I've been enrolled in the Illinois Institute of Art since like July 14th and the first quarter is almost over (I think it ends like next week) which means I'll have time to get my fucking butt in gear and finally start working on this again. And, since I currently am taking Game Design & Game Play as a class this quarter, it means I have learned how to model objects in Maya which brings me to the custom models.

3) Custom models made with Maya

I haven't made any yet but I came across a tutorial for creating Amnesia entities in Maya and how to export them in the .dae format so that they're compatible with Amnesia. My problem is: I have Maya 2014 but to export models in the .dae format you need the openCOLLADA plugin for Maya which, according to the tutorial, is best used with Maya 2011 (though they haven't even released a plugin compatible with Maya 2014, on windows at least). But I'm going to try and explore this further because I think this knowledge will come in handy in the long run, and I am going to college to be a video game developer so practice makes perfect, right?

4) My ever improving art style

Nothing really serious other than this means that I'll have to redraw the cutscenes...again. Damn me for getting better.

5) Name change

Once again, nothing serious, just changed my name to TheDemonLilith, which really should have been done a long time ago since I've had this name since like 2012. That and I like it better. :)

And about the whole nonsense about the mod's image, I'm not changing it. 1) This is a mod and the image is simply for aesthetic. 2) "it's not your property", neither is Amnesia but no one has a problem with that. 3) I really don't give a shit. :)

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