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For PC Linux and OSX. We have Fixed and enhanced alpha 1.0 read the full news thread for details.

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Hi Community
We are sorry for a Glitching first alpha so we have worked hard to correct the issues.

We have submitted alpha v1.1 and it should be available very soon (Check our downloads).
(For Windows Linux and Mac OSX)

What we have done.


  • Gun Recoil Reduced.
  • Walkers Sliding.
  • Stopped Walkers passing though defenses.
  • Walk through walls.
  • Defenses causing walkers to glitch above them.

Additions and enhancements

  • More accurate zombie hit detection.
  • The ability to cancel a build by repressing the corresponding key.
  • Defenses no longer overlap.
  • The turret is allot more powerful.
  • Turrets now fits better when placing on a low wall .

We have also added a turret Min/Max range indicator.

Windows v1.1
Damned Nation: Alpha PC V1.1

Linux v1.1
Damned Nation: Alpha LINUX V1.1

Mac OS X V1.1
Damned Nation: Alpha MAC OSX V1.1

Please read the full description of the download to learn all of the features and make the game a better play though.


We will be taking down the IndieGoGo campaign at some point within the next couple of days.

Over the next couple of months we be getting it up on steam green light and will be creating a nicely polished alpha to die for.

After we have done this we will start up a KickStarter campaign

We will still keep you up to date every step of the way.


Let's give this baby a try, now where did i left my shotgun?

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SinisterGames Author

Have Fun

If you find any glitches please do let us know.

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nice, thanks for the linux version!

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SinisterGames Author

NP i haven't had a the time to try it so let me know if you have any problems

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worked well on my system (linux mint) had to change the screen resolution manually in the config file though

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SinisterGames Author

the screen resolution will be able to be changed within the game in the next release.

Hope you enjoyed playing it

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Good game
I know its just a alpha

just some things:
Could you fix the sight on the P90?
Like give a hint about the controls? was confused about changing weapons xD
Like make the zombies come at you so you don't have to go to them?
Fix health thing? good with the indicator on screen but like hit sound and/or direction "bar"?
Could you maybe like "remove" or hide the crosshair when you aim down the sight?

Still good game, look forward to the full release
You guys are doing a great job on this **** ;)

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SinisterGames Author

NP that is what an alpha is for (to find glitches and get general feed back)

everyone's comments on the alpha are being taken into account so we can make it what the public want as this game is for everyone not us.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Also all you need to know about controls and features are in the detail of the download on its download page

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Oh, diden't notice it :3

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