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Damnation City of Death patch version 0.34 is now released with a new shotgun, server options and more...

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Patch video:

Changelog for version 0.34:


  • Remington 870 shotgun added to the game.
  • Cloth frame can now be crafted.
  • Paintings can now be found on building walls.
  • Clocks can now be found on building walls.
  • Cabinets can now be found on building walls.
  • Shelves can now be found in buildings.
  • Car wrecks are added to roads.
  • Road tunnels can now be found in the city.
  • More trash can now be found on the streets and inside buildings.
  • Password can be optionally added to server.
  • Version check for servers to stop version mismatch.
  • Unlimited amount of save games with own names.


  • Lobby chat is changed, you can send message with enter key.
  • Lobby chat shows when a new message arrives by highlighting the chat button.
  • Server list can be scrolled.
  • Server ping can be seen in the server list.
  • Gun ranges are now more accurate.

Fixed problems of getting stuck in joining a session.
Small fixes were added.

Road tunnel Shotgun
Alpha Screenshot

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