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I have a concept in mind, that will affect the gameplay greatly. But the HOW? is a big question and should be subject to public discussion.

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Hey everyone,

it's time to start talking about some things I have planned, and I should get more specific while doing so. There will also be another article where I will be talking about the model issue and some other issues, don't worry. But first, I want to talk about something else that has been a subject of intense conceptualization and experimentation, and which might affect the model issue.

What I am talking about, is the damage mechanic. I have come to the following conclusions regarding this subject:
The "Targetable Hardpoint" mechanic is unrealistic, especially in a space setting. Aiming at specific parts of a moving, maneuvering ship, in the vast voids of space is difficult, especially if weapons have a tendency of straying, and you don't have the blueprints for the enemy ships, and therefore can't tell for sure where everything is exactly. I also think that it puts too much focus on hitting specific HardPoints. At this point, I have come to the conclusion that it is really weird and repetitive to target the shield generator and the fighter bays every time. It doesn't really fit to the rather realistic approach that I am going for. I want to change it.

BUT removing HardPoints entirely is also very unrealistic. It is unrealistic if a ship is heavily damaged but still fully functional. Every now and then, a hit should destroy a gun or two, or maybe damage a system, weakening the ship slowly, as it is being shot at. A ship should be worn down. You can't target any of its parts directly, but slowly, as it is being damaged more and more, it loses its functionality, it becomes weaker in randomized ways, and specific weapons tend to do more of these types of damage than others. For example, lasers are less likely to damage or destroy a system, whereas warheads are more likely.

So what I want to do is I want to add a mechanic of "randomized damage" where a hit by a projectile with a certain minimum projectile_damage has a small chance of weakening or destroying a random hardpoint. Also, everytime something like this happens, it will show a small text such as "Turret destroyed" or "Fighter bay damaged" which will pop up somewhere near the healthbar and slowly ascend upwards as it fades away.

The question is HOW?

That's the problem. Currently, I am experimenting with LUA scripting, but had no results so far. If anyone has any LUA experience, help is greatly appreciated. ;)

As a side note, if I manage to find a solution, this could affect the model issue. Because if I do, then if I also manage to get custom models for this mod, these could be made in such a way that a lot of bones would be added to enable a lot of single gun and single battery hardpoints which could be destroyed, adding to the realism.


There are two ways to make non-targetable, but destroyable hardpoints:
1. The easy xml way, which crashes the game. Set <Is_Targetable>No</Is_Targetable>
to your hardpoint. Theoretically this should work like when you hit a ship with the hypervelocity gun in the vanilla game. Practically it crashes the game.

2. The tricky way: remove hardpoint texts and make a transparent texture the hardpoint icon. Players can still target the ship hull and its hardpoints manually by pointing to the right part of the ship, but they won't see the hardpoints per se.

But if you find a solution via LUA scripting, which I don't see as a solution for this particular problem as of now, please do tell me.

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spaceship_2012 Author

Hi. I have been experimenting and looking at various sources, which suggest that a lot is possible with LUA scripting.
I am currently experimenting with various codes, but I am not experienced and don't really know how to pull it off exactly.

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