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What is life about on an asteroid - what to care of what to expect? Read more about the daily life in Age of Asteroids!

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In the Age of Asteroids, people learned how to life in space. They learned to make the best out of it and many peoples are very proud to be part of this new zone, mostly free of decadence.

But what is the daily life on such an asteroid mining colony. What do the inhabitants think of it, what would they need.

Life Support

Most crucial is the fact that the population of an asteroid colony will need water, food and air to survive. They have learned to take what they can get to fulfill this need. You colony will always only be able to maintain a distinct amount of inhabitants, limiting the size of your fleet, your building capacities and so on.

Living Modules

Living on an asteroid is much like the lifing on a submnarine in 21st century. Everyone will have it's own little space where he will find everything he needs. Because there is no gravity, big rooms are not very useful so everyone is happy with his own little cabin featuring a bed, storage and a place to take something very similar to a shower and a place to do .. .. daily business :-)

A Standard Living Module is constructed to maintain a maximum of 6 individuals - fully equipped to fit their minimum needs

Transit Modules

The whole colony is connected by transit tubes fitted with handle bars, so people can easily traverse between the modules. There is plenty of room so the people living there often use the transit tubes as a place of social interaction.

Recreation Modules

Maintaining a good amount of moral is crucial on an asteroid to accomplish the daily tasks. Unhappy people will not be very productive and may stop liking being at your colony. To accomplish this, the leaders started to dedicate some modules to recreation purposes. The most common is actually a Dining Module. Many people do not want to eat their food ratio alone - especially, when the food consists of more or less pure protein. The Recreation Modules can easily re-organisied inside to give space for different types of games for example.

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