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The new trailer shows the game in a new light! Also, Daily Espada is taken a Japanese event, the feedback gotten is quite invaluable!

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What is Daily Espada?

2D Action game focused on bosses! The twist: The bosses are all based on Brazilian Mythology! 2nd Twist: You're fighting them as part of a reality show where the prizes are critical to your family's happiness and well-being: not a battle to save some princess but a battle to pay for your daughter's college, among others!

Features of the remake

  • Remade graphics;
  • Voice acting;
  • Gun added to combat;
  • Energy Attacks added to combat;
  • Post game content;
  • Battle system and all battles overhauled.

Gameplay gifsGameplay gifs

Appearance in BitSummit

Daily Espada was featured on a Japanese indie event called BitSummit! Around 50 people played the game, so the feedback gotten was amazing! This will be used to polish the beginning of Daily Espada, making the beginning of the game more intuitive, meaning less people will feel confused or get lost. The controls will be a bit tweaked too, the way the controls will be presented will also be tweaked. Responsiveness of some battle aspects are also tweaked!

You can find a more detailed report of my experience on BitSummit by clicking here!

Gameplay gifsGameplay gifs

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