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What started as a merge of multiple mods has turned into an enjoyable expanded D2R Experience.

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What started as a merge of multiple mods has turned into an enjoyable expanded D2R Experience.

All of our source code can be found here:
Feel free to contribute

Discord is a great place to vote on your favorite suggestions or submit your own suggestions to be implemented into this mod.

The wiki is a great place to get and contribute information about the mod.

* Much larger inventory and stash space
* Over 1000 new unique and set items. Including charms. - Most of these come from Talonrage's wonderful mod.
* Nearly 1000 more cube recipes
* Many new crafting recipes - These come from both Talonrage, BetterSP, and some custom ones to our mod. Check out the website for information
* 2x Mob Density
* Max skill level of 99 for all skills
* Several classes have had their skills balanced to make every skill a viable build option
* A "Loot Filter" which emphasizes some items via their text to point out picking up
* Mercenaries have additional equipment slots
* Faster Mercenaries Movement Speeds
* Increased Stamina and Stamina Regen
* Increased Mana Regen
* Melee Splash Charm 25% Splash
* Custom Sounds and Map Layouts
* Custom Sprites for Potions (Thank you <REDACTED>)
* Ability to stack runes and gems
* In-game menu for documentation
* Magic only affixes can now be found on rare items as well
* Much.. Much more.

Latest Update

1.11.0 Minion Splash and Storage Containers Beta

* Keychain added - Stores all your D, H, and T keys. 1 Hate Key + 1 Destruction Key + 1 Terror Key + 1 ID Scroll = Keychain
* Gembag Added - Stores all your gems as "Credits". Recipe: 1 of each chipped gem (including skull) = Gem bag
NOTICE: There is currently NO way to obtain the "Grabber" tools to remove from the storage containers. Only use this if you plan to test it by adding the grabber tools to droptables yourself. The support to get the "Grabber" tools will come as a 1.11.1 Patch soon after we get some testing around it.

* Updated to the latest D2 Patch
* Pitzilla Droptable Buffed
* Pitzilla Permanent Character Upgrade Drop chance significantly increased
* Fixed shout giving 1500% defense bonus (Back to vanilla values)
* Additional documentation added in pause-menu options
* Perfect sapphire gem unstacking fixed
* Many summons now splash! Check the in-game documentation for which summons now splash (25% Splash with 20% Damage Nerf)
* Fixed Elite Hell Bovines being invisible in Pitzilla
* Skeletons now cap at 14 (This is due to the splash update. They clear MUCH better now even with lower amounts)
* King set now has proper naming (Not just king1, king2, etc)
* Fixed some jewel punching recipes
* Updated Skill Max Level to 25. Now that there are more synergies for skills, skills can be viable without just maxxing them out.
* Poison Javelin duration has been increased (6s -> 8s)
* New Suffix (# Life Gained Per Hit) - Gain # life for every enemy hit. Similar to Life gained on death, but this is on hit. There are 4 tiers (of Draining, of Funneling, of Pumping, of Siphoning) This can be found on items just like other suffixes. The chance is on the more-rarer side of things.
* Portuguese language support added - Thank you to Matheus Felipe
* Summon Hydra Global Cooldown Lowered
* All health potions now have a red color for their name
* All mana potions now have a blue color for their name
* All Rejuv potions now have a purple color for their name
* Stealth Runeword fixed

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