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I have just announced my 2D strategy game "Cytobellum" as a concept on Steam.

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Cytobellum is a 2D real time strategy game set at the microscopic level. Players must
wage war against harmful pathogens on the cellular level and use the weapons of the immune
system to stop disease from spreading through the body. The name Cytobellum comes from "cell-war" in Latin.

Gameplay takes place at two levels. At the macroscopic level players can view a diagram of the entire human body. From this view players can identify the location of a pathogenic infection and zoom into microscopic view to interact with the affected cell tissue.
Microscopic view puts the player in charge of a cell tissue consisting of hundreds of cells interwoven with capillaries. These capillaries are the resource delivery system for the cell tissue. This game view functions as an RTS would with various types of white blood cells as the players units. Each cell can be infected, cured, and interacted with by the player. When the player first enters this view they will be notified of the location of the invader. It is the player’s job to then identify what type of virus, bacteria, or cancer they are dealing with and then produce antibodies and macrophages in order to destroy the infection before it hijacks to many cells and multiplies uncontrollably. If enough pathogens escape the cell tissue the player has failed and the host’s health is compromised.

Here is the link to the steam concept page:

Jeremy MacKinnon

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