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News about Darkstorm Entertainment's first game title, Cyguard 7G.

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Sometime in the near future, the world is under the control of super conglomerates. Cybernetic enhancements have become common and cybernetic drones do manual labor in a seemingly Utopia.
In this utopia however, a dark presence has slowly begun to assert itself. The only force capable of preventing annihilation is the Cyguard. These teams of cybernetic enhanced humans are the vanguard against any threat to the city-state of Gold Coast.

Darkstorm Entertainment is proud to announce the development of Cyguard 7G, a first person tactical shooter based in the near future developed by Kenny Dishon. As the leader of the infamous Gunslingers, you will lead your team through over a dozen single player missions Each team member has a unique skill set that can be utilized to complete the mission goals. As the team advances and becomes more profiecent in these skills, new skills will become available. Multiplayer offers up Co-Op mode so you can play the single player story with up to six friends. We also have plans to add BAse Assault, massive battlefields where up to sixty four players can fight to destroy the enemy base.
More information to come as we continue with development.

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