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There will be two parts to this. A speed-art of a player getting ambushed.

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There will be two parts to this.

Here's a story of how this went in my head:

My name is Jacob. I'm one of the survivors of the last attack that occurred at Gyimrish. I was walking back to Sutinuch but I was confronted by a small hillside. At the far end, there was a mountain wall side, there was no sign of human activity. However, once I got to the hill side, I was confronted by a small duo of Player-Killers; one of them was equipped with a gun whilst the other was scouting. I was ambushed, I had to take cover, luckily, there was a wall. Thank goodness for that.

There's a reason why I'm not a storywriter (crimson), hopefully it made a bit of sense, haha.

Enjoy the speed-art.

Music: Instrumental Core - The Angels Among Demons

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