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An article talking about the future of the mod and what was done for version 1.14.

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As you may be aware, Victoria 3 is in the works and will be released sometime within the next year or two. This means that the time is coming for this mod to close the curtains and move on to the new game. The CWE team would however continue to work on the mod until at least the time when Victoria 3's release date is announced. Until then, the plan is to keep adding new events and bug fixing old ones. I would however not be doing any overhauls of existing systems in the mod. In light of all of these, there is likely to be only one final version left for this mod before the switch to Victoria 3. If anyone wishes to continue to work on CWE after the switch, you are free to make a submod and continue from there. With this out of the way, I will share with you what was done in 1.14.


The focus of the mod over the last 2 versions was to modernise old stuff and add more alternate history options for various nations. For example, events were added to Mongolia to allow them to choose between staying communist, becoming a socialist democracy or to democratise like in real life. The USSR also got a few hypothetical scenarios to help make the alternate history path more fun. There is now a chance for a second Cuban Missile Crisis and even a Soviet intervention to remove the Taliban post 9/11, if the USSR manages to survive into the 2000s. Italy also received a set of events covering the period between the 1940s to the early 1990s.

Asia 1950s

Aside from adding more alternate history paths, old events were also improved upon. The Syrian Civil War and Yemeni Civil War chains were reviewed to make the code tighter and less prone to bizarre outcomes. Hawaiian and Alaskan statehood events were also tweaked to make the options more impactful. For example, Hawaii now starts as a Self-Governing Colony which can ultimately decide whether to join the US as the 49th state or to become independent. As a result, events that affect the ideological composition of the Hawaiian pops now make a difference in the outcome.

Hawaii 1950s

Nationalist rebels were also fixed. Before 1.14, there was a bug in the code that prevented separatist and nationalist rebels from properly releasing the nation if the rebels won. It has now been fixed. If separatist rebels capture the capital then all owned provinces with cores by foreign nations will be ceded while if nationalist rebels occupy all cores of their country tag then the nation will be released as an independent nation.


In addition, techs were also tweaked. One of the biggest problems with the mod so far was that the tech unlocking dates and names often did not make sense. It has now been fixed so techs should work and look better.

Improved techs

CB requirements have also been tweaked to make it such that AI nations would not engage in humiliate or territorial dispute wars unless their war policy is jingoism. This has helped reduce the number of annoying wars in the mod.

21st Century Wars

Some other changes were also made to the proxy war system so it works as intended. It would fragment the nation into a constellation of rebel tags that the player, the government, would have to crush. If the player fails then the government type of the rebels would become the new gov type. Any left over rebel tags will then need to be conquered to maintain the new regime. This makes civil wars more interesting to play and gives foreign powers a way to impose the government they want by backing the rebel tag that has the desired government type.


In 1.13 a new system was created to allow players to interact more directly with national values. In CWE, national values are determined by the ideology of your population. So if the pop majority ideology of your nation is liberal then liberty would be the national value. This may be problematic for some players who like to keep their national value constant. A decision called 'Constitutionalise National Values' was thus made to fix the current NV until the decision is revoked.

New decisions

Finally, I managed to fix the UI bug in the factory production tab. The numbers for infrastructure and executive percentage will no longer overlap.

Fixed UI

One final thing I should mention is that I have converted the music add on pack into its own submod. You can now use CWE music for other mods by simply checking both mods in the game launcher.

New reforms

As for version 1.15, my goals would be do more bug fixing and hopefully add more ahistorical events. I would also like to improve some of the older decision chains like the one for the Space Race so as to reduce the number of modifiers it uses.


Please check out our new discord server where you can discuss ideas or share your experiences with fellow players.

Do also feel free to contribute at our GitHub page too, every help counts!

This mod has lasted way longer and has become more popular than I ever thought it would, so really, thank you all so much for supporting CWE over the years.


Awesome, thank you for your work!

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