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A summary on the new features present in CWE 1.03 and a sneak preview of what is to come in CWE 1.04.

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Civil Defence:

  • Stronger Civil Defence gives greater monthly war exhaustion reduction allowing a country to fight a war longer without succumbing to a total collapse of society from 'Total War'.

OPEC Oil Quotas:

  • Any OPEC member has 3 possible option when it comes to Oil production. Exceed OPEC Oil Quota, Meet Quota, Fall short of quota.
  • Different nations will choose different options which will cause oil prices to fluctuate to simulate the volatility of oil prices.

NATO Leader Options:

  • Only avaliable after the Cold War.
  • Similar to democratic leaders options but with milder effects.
  • Simulates the current debate on who should bear the burden for defence in NATO.

Revised Bretton Wood System:

  • The BWS was originally a system devised to prevent excessive price fluctuations in the international markets that plagued the pre WW2 world. As it was this price volatility that was seen to be the cause for the economic turmoil in Germany, Italy, Japan that led to the rise of fascism. BWS worked by pegging 1 Ounce of gold to 35 USD and all other foreign currencies were pegged to the USD. This effectively slowed the rate of credit growth in the world as any credit had to be backed by gold and gold output remained low thought out the era. Since the Nixon shock the world has since moved on to free floating currencies where currencies are backed by other currencies, allowing for more flexible monetary expansionist or reductionist policies.
  • How it works in game is to reduce credit output when BWS is present and then dramatically increase output when the system is abolished when "Free Floating currencies" is researched by the US.

Strategic Defense Initative:

  • If successfully developed, gives total nuclear immunity to the nation.
  • Takes 25 years to develop at high cost.
  • At first only the rank 1 nation can enact the decision to build it.
  • The rank 2 nation will react to the rank 1 nation's decision to build SDI by proposing a series of treaties that will culminate in an ABM treaty that will ban SDI development, ceasing all current SDI programs.
  • Failure to reach the ABM treaty causes all greater powers to begin building SDI to counteract each other's anti nuclear capability. This will in turn will make nuclear warfare obsolete.

Features planned for CWE 1.04:

  • Olympics
  • Climate Change
  • Proxy Wars
  • Space Race
  • Chemical Warfare

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