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message for pm in steam or moddb for keys for current version of crimewars on steam. Seems cool when it can run with or without a inventory item server. and keep servers and calls as subsystem for other possible wifi sabititiy and reconnect features later. like keep score 5 minute timeout for reconnect.

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cw world gridmap demo   Copyplanet grided ball

deplicateing and modifying tf2 styles scripts/game_items.txt

the fixes of init crash still pending but better. not reading and formally(directly injecting) item values in cpp/ and regenerating new item in equation.

ui programming in game engine source Sdk multiplayer 2013 1

ui programming in game engine source Sdk multiplayer 2013 1

Steam version added some more loadout code , but server inventory is being transplanented, and worked as a transplaneted server type. both ip less , Centeral and non central tranplaneted, behind firewall and other custom cpu(none x86) types ARM v6 v7 type android / linux / archish kernals.

other update news: health for classes working again, .

next update: speed fix for shift button(i didn't even implementate it lol) . well before did but not current base build. after classes should use sdk base stamina to sprint.

update lookout: added health2 and health3 and 4 variables for classes for dynmaically assiagn health based on gamesmode and other situtations.

Game embding in multiple systems:

init intmain network1

Genereted a huge grid of boxes and wireframe of boxes on top to create a more detailed terrian system. just using 3 layers of boxes for now. trying to minecraftish the build system. this is not part of source yet. but have ideas.

cw world gridmap demo   Copy

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