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The ability to customize your player avatar has now been added to the game.

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Avatar Customization:The ability to customize your player avatar has now been added to the game. Visit your player profile and choose "edit avatar" to get started. For each race and gender there are 2 body types, 6 clothing color options for each body, 2 distinct heads with several face configurations (mostly eye color changes) and at least 6 different hair colors for each as well as some unique options like helms, headbands, etc. In addition, there are 15 unique pieces of environmental background art that you can place behind your character avatar.

I'll let our more math-minded players help me figure out how many unique configurations that makes. :D. Avatar customization changes cost a flat prestige fee per edit session that you will be asked to confirm to save. You can edit your avatar as many times as you'd like. Background artwork can be purchased individually and once purchased, unlocked for permanent future use. So you can "collect" background artwork and switch it in and out at any time for no additional fee to re-use the artwork you've already purchased. Environmental artwork, gotta catch 'em all! Desert wasteland, I choose you!


You can also choose to purchase a character gender change at the time of customization for an additional fee. Custom avatars will update on your forum signature banners as well.

We hope you enjoy the avatar options as much as I've enjoyed helping bring them to you. A great team of artists have worked to bring our diverse set of characters to life.

Other Changes:The siege code has been over-hauled to remove any glitches. An outstanding bug relating to defense against storm and raze attempts has been fixed. Sieges should now work exactly as intended.

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