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I have managed to find someone who will do some custom ambient music and a theme for my mod! Obviously, because this mod is a horror mod, the music will be frightening, with some high octane theme at the end.

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The awesome dude that will be composing my music is Neurological, who has done some pretty cool music projects on his website HERE.
But back to the music, the element of surprise and jumpy areas are the key to making a good horror mod like "nightmare house 2" which made you think that you were in a real uncontrollable situation to fight for your life, really depends on the music of the area, in a room smeared with blood and gore, the music would be strings with loud intervals ect.

The start of the mod will have the theme playing, but gently and with piano keys and strings such as violins and jumpy intervals, but as the horror builds, the theme builds with it, until it becomes full metal with guitar and drums.
The theme is still to be thought of, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

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