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I have gotten back into xsi, which is good news; custom models in the works. Started work on City 25 this afternoon.

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While some mods have fancy new weapons or character npc models, those probably wont be featured in our mod.

What you will get is a few world models, as I will often call them.
These are models for things that could have also been made with brushwork, but due to the ease of making them look much better in a program like xsi, opposed to in hammer, will be in model form.

So far we have 6 custom models that we are testing with, these will get remade in the near future as they are part of a set yet do not have the exact same dimensions. These models are handrails of various kinds. A normal rail 'piece' that will fit onto the other models, 2 rail sections with curves in them, and 2 that have wall mount plates, and 2 that have ground anchors.

Will upload images once they are fixed and textured better then they are now.

Also in the works are some desk type models for a new map we are working on for Chapter 5.
This map will take place in City 25 and leads you through the city to one of the few remaining Resistance bases. This map will have some stark contrasts to City 23. Valve has rarely explored an urban city environment in any of its games, featuring only partial areas and only showing what was needed.

Though there is an exception, and that is left 4 dead. I have been going through and getting a better understanding of what a major city should look like and am bringing that knowledge into this map by over mapping it, so to speak.

You will be able to enter most of the buildings, and most of the rooms inside of these buildings, and there will be as much detail as I can spare in regards to the setting and atmosphere in each building. For instance, a hotel will have a slightly warmer light scheme then an office building. I am unsure of how large this map will be once it is finished, but it will surly be at least twice the size of its chapter 4 counterpart.
I wont go into too much more detail at this point.

Anyway, as I was saying. There are going to be some big differences, more lighting in the buildings, more areas to explore.
This map will also take place during the day instead of at night. There will be some combine in the area, but zoms and crabs will also be present, not as much as in City 23 however, as this one has yet to be shelled.

One of the main motifs of CI was and is to have a lot more player interaction with the Physics system then any previous hl2 game. sure we got to pick up batteries to open gates and stuff like that, but rarely was there anything to cause destruction on a massive scale that the player could control.

This map will feature such an area, but as I said earlier, not going to go into too much detail at the moment.

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