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Minotaur Cybernetics LLC has decided to branch out the product offerings for Curse of the Shapeshifter game software. The two flavors will be theme park mode and story mode. Theme park mode will allow users to download subscription content each month to expand on the game. The starting cost is only $10 that includes the launcher and two expansion packs. The story mode is a $30 traditional computer game where the player evolves depending on the absorption of monster characters.

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Minotaur Cybernetics LLC, a private company based in Mountain View, CA, is proud to announce dual product offerings for its flagship game, Curse of the Shapeshifter. The two games will be theme park mode and story mode. Theme park mode allows for download of additional expansion packs each month with subscription. The player can sample and experience the gameplay as well as the virtual world. If the user would like to be able to evolve in story mode, he or she can buy the story mode game. This allows the user to evolve his or her character by absorbing various monster characters to enhance the players' abilities. Collection of various weapons and spells in story mode will allow the character to take advantage of the treasures to expand upon their powers and abilities.

Curse of the Shapeshifter is currently in beta test and will be available very soon. Game mechanics are being tweaked and quality is being ensured.

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