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Indie-game from Russia, Siberia! Dankov Games - studio of the two students from Novosibirsk. "Curse in our heads" is game about the best detective in the world. You need explore the hospital and find disappeared patient.

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Curse in our heads

John Brown is a former detective, best in his staff. Has served more than 30 years and there is not a single case that he has not guessed! Retired already a year.
The other day he received a letter asking him to come to the hospital for mental patients. The name of the hospital Ice South comes from the cold sea that surrounds the island, and from the location in the North. Ice South is the most secret, the most protected place on the planet. Around only the cold sea, large cliffs, and land, ten kilometers from the island. Every hour the security boat checks the territory of the island. The patients can not escape in any way! Ice South is compared to Zone 51, which is located in the USA. According to data for 1970, there are 56 people in the hospital. One of them, Roy Raktis, Fregoli's syndrome, killed 10 people. Savantha Cartman - Kapgra syndrome. She killed her whole family, because she thought they were the twins of her family. All 56 people are terrible killers.
Noir De Knife - a runaway patient, a former military man, is sick with Catar's delirium. The patient has crazy ideas that he is dead or does not exist. That he decays that he does not have a heart, blood or even internal organs, sometimes - that he is immortal at the same time. Thus, Noir on the way to the store shot 5 children, 4 men and 6 women. The police arrived almost immediately, but it was too late. A small grocery store was filled with blood, and noir kept the body of two dead twins. His last words were "If I'm dead, then let the others follow me to the grave."
He was sentenced to death, but an important person gave Noir a ransom and was sent to Ice South. John Brown is to understand how De Knife has fled his cell.

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