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Here is a list of what is going on right now in the creation process.

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Hi there!

Here is a list of what is going on right now in the creation process.

  • UI. I'm trying to make a fully functional UI that covers all the commands available in the gameplay. (Character controls, inventory, etc...)(Updated)
  • Animations. I'll add all the animations needed for walk, run, aim, grab, and so on in crouch, stand and prone positions. Right now, as you can see in the videos, are only a basic combination(Updated) .
  • Destruction. All the buildings are modular and breakable. You can break a wall by shooting it with a machine gun, or with a grenade, rocket or an object explosion. The Chunks can kill people too. The goal is that every structure could be destroyed somehow. (Updated)
  • Bullet Behaviour. Bullets can penetrate certain materials like concrete or wood. And flesh, of corse. Each bullet has a velocity, power and damage. These parameters are taken from the weapon used.(Updated)
  • AI. The enemy AI is one of the most important parts, so i'm trying to extend it as much as possible. Now they can patrol, stay idle, attack and run for cover. (Updated)
  • Weapons. I plan to add over 60 weapons more. Grenade launchers and rocket launchers included.(Pending)

That's it. Hope you like it!

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