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Just a quick update video showing the physics beam and crafting UI working again since the switch to DFGUI.

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Still needs to have tooltips sorted out for the GUI and some obvious visual/functional elements on the physics beam (flares for start/end point, spline to the physics hit point, a visual "electricity" effect on the line renderer etc). But its working ok.

Don't pay much attention to some of the visual artefacts (things like the crafting panel not showing the description when it first is selected etc), those are all noted and will be fixed pretty quickly.

I've yet to fix up the physics "freeze" control to what it was before the switch to unity. But that is relatively trivial too. Once thats done (tomorrow hopefully) it will be back to fully functional and I can get on with the Recycling machine implementation.


So not only can you craft items in the game, you can also un-craft them (aka recycling). Basically it will deconstruct any object into its component parts, with some loss based on the machine capability and maintenance level. This way you can deconstruct medium-to-rare items into parts that can be used to complete other items. For instance it might be that a broken radio could be deconstructed and a valve produced that would help make a working radio, thus improving comms. Comms being important for trade coordination (better comms in general allows more trade).

So recycling is going to be a pretty important part of making the things you want for the rig.

I'm still trying to figure out a better way to put together art for the game. It feels wrong to have to make so many things by hand. So I'm possibly going to have a look again at procedural generation. It might be I can procedurally generate parts of the rig (maybe the superstructure of it) and then allow players to place buildings on top of the superstructure.

Anyway, thats enough for this week.


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