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Since I already revealed some new changes, I know some of you are waiting for the next full release... Therefor, I'm also publishing my current work-in-progress and ideas list. This might also give you some ideas for me to add ;)

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The first mission has been completed thus far, the only grand change is the reconstruction of the expansion bases. I have been thinking about making a destroyed one active again, but I won't be doing that (for now perhaps?).

In the second mission, I've spent most time... You all know by now of the new objective right? Well, that one is completely functioning.
- Need to add the forward base, to replace the prison defense bases. This gives the loyalists an even
greater strenght
- Maybe I'll add a naval base for Thalia during the last phase of the OP. Still need to consider this.
- Change Celene's Colossi attack into a ping-attack? Not sure yet

I've also completed work on the third mission. I've been thinking about making Rhiza attack all-out with her air forces, but I am not going to let her do this. A secure airspace is always good to have near your base areas. A major addition however, I made Rhiza build a colossus which you can then control with pings. When destroyed, the ping button dissapears, but no worries! The colossus will be rebuilt and a new ping command is added!

Nothing has changed for the 4th mission. I've implemented all my ideas for this one already in V1.0 ... So please give me some assistance ;D

For the fifth mission, not much has changed so far... but I'm working on something HUGE
- A cybran commander will gate in together with you. He'll aid you from the very beginning to
destroy QAI. His base will be located to the north of your starting area. Unfortunately, I of course
cannot add any dialogue for this commander =/
- I'll try to add an expansion for Fletcher to attack Hex5. It'll be located to the north-west of Hex5's
base, just below the hill (if you know where I mean). This base can help him destroy Hex5 if I put in
enough effort. One bad thing, it's in range of artillery so there is just a slight chance this base will
be helpful =(

And finally, the last mission. Again, not much will be changed for this one. I did make Rhiza's navy to attack Fletcher with larger, much larger... It's now composed of 12 Destroyers, 6 Subs and 3 Cruisers. The seraphim also attacks him now. But in return, I gave him even more air defenses!
- I'm working on a ping similar to the one in M3 (Rhiza's Colossus) but this time with a Tempest. All
scripts are set up, I just need to test it!

I hope this sounds exiting for you. But I would like to do more before I release 2.0 ... So, can the community give me any ideas? I sure hope so ;D

Question: When do you want 2.0 to be uploaded (give me an estimated time to implement the ideas above)? I'll try to be in time, but do note that I don't have all day to work on this. =)


I found it really annoying how in the very first mission you constantly get pounded by Aeon bombers, and if you play hard you get pounded by Aeon gunships after 5 mins, so maybe like some are defence from fletcher would be sweet.

The Additions sound awesome and I can't wait to try them out!!

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gregory1001 Author

Hmmm, this sounds good. Some respawning air patrols, I like the idea. But I just think this might it make too easy in the beginning. I do have another idea (you inspired me for this one). I'll let you know if I'm going to add it, I'm not that sure yet =/

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