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Angels That Kill News -- The latest update notes as well as future plans!

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Hello everyone, I have another smaller update for anyone caring to listen.

As of right now I have uploaded some new screenshots and will be uploading the new trailer shortly after I post this. Both of these things are already uploaded on the main Steam page, however the process of uploading a video there is direct, whereas here(since I would also be uploading it to the main game page) it would just be easier for me to upload it to Youtube and use a link.

Anyways, as of right now in the game we have gotten a couple more testers to help out with the game and we have polished it up some more and squashed some more bugs. However in pretty much every testers opinion, the lack of a map is a turn off, so I've decided to add one. While doing so I also took a look at the inventory as a whole and decided it needs a bit of a revamp, in order to accommodate for the map and another new thing I decided to add. A journal system, now how the actual journal works is not finalized yet, but it will be added as well as a map to help the player out a bit more and to really put some use to the inventory.

Other than that, the game is wrapping up nicely and its looking like the demo for October 25th is going to make it right on time. Thank everyone once again for the amazing support and continuing through with this journey.

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