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The current status of development and implementation.

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So, thanks to a few posts I took the time and actually planned out and set some goals for the creation of Loli: Beginnings.

To start, the download currently available was my efforts to build the game with all my previous ideas, but after I took a step back I realized it wasn't going to be as fun as I had hoped, so I spent a few days completely re-designing the basic structure of the game play. I now have to re-build the engine to allow for the game play I now currently desire.

Current status of development:

Engine: New engine is mostly finished. Still need to change character interaction with enemies and add the player shooting attack. All enemies used to damage player upon collision, but that is being changed to allow for a more beat 'em up type of game play. Instead of the player leveling up and gaining a random stat you will now use XP to purchase upgrades at the end of each level to allow players to build their character into the play style they most prefer. Stat upgrades available are as follows: melee attack power, dashing attack power, mana shot power, mana shot distance, max health, max mana, and lives.

Plot: Rough draft fully written out, only tweaking the wordage remains. 17 or so pages of words and plenty of image ideas.

Cut Scenes: I started sketching out and adding the cut scenes, but I think I jumped the gun and should focus on the engine/enemies/level design first. The scenes will play out sort of like a VN, as you can see in the media file posted. This will most likely be the very last thing I put in the game when closing in on completion.

Game Assets: Current assets are all still placeholders except for a few of the main character sprites.

Enemies: Three enemy types with two variants are in game. One boss is in game. Design and testing of all further enemy types will wait until the engine is finished to allow for proper testing.

Level design: Not started yet, as levels will be designed to fit the engine physics and enemy types.

I'll continue working on this game in all of my spare time and hope to deliver something fun and amazing.

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