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Different engine, some things are now back to square one, except resources.

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With me moving on from Duke3d, or to be specific, the classic Build engine with Eduke32's enhancements, I now need to script things that were previously hard coded for me. Of course this allows me more creative freedom where the limits of the older engine kind of forced my direction. However using Evaldraw I've begun to recreate the game I had planned, first with some basic stuff first.

You can check out how its starting to look by checking the latest demo. A benefit of the engine switch is I can easily package demos as I progress. Levels are being redone from scratch because there are no more sector, wall or sprite limits, and having light and shadows eliminates the manual shading tricks I was doing in the Duke3d mod version.

I'm also breaking out of Palettes, so I can work with 32bit PNGs instead of 8bit PCXs. Monsters also benefit from getting an upgrade to there voxel resolution, allowing smoother conversions from their hi-poly versions.

Sample video below does not reflect how the demo looks as I've changed several things since. A lot of things will change as I work on this as I seek to refine the look and feel of the game with the new engine.

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