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Progress, excpectations and the stage we are currently in.

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First of all, thanks for checking out this mod and being awesome by rocking UT2004 in 2012 and beyond. This is my first ModDB expirience ever, but i will try my best to get the most out of it for us.

Currently this project is only runned by me in a very small corner of the internet. I haven't shows this any of my buddies yet because it had to be somewhat close to complete first and this thing came to live in just a couple of days. Since today i believe that this is something that will see the light of day very soon, so here i am. The progress that has been made this week was exceptional and once i get this thing on a server to debug some parts of the networking we have reached beta.

But what was the alpha?
I only tested it locally, created the weapons, worked on the game objective and player spawning, rounds and all that stuff! I could give you my super ugly testmap and .u file but you would still need multiplayer to be checked out. That's why i only showed videos and screens.

So when is there a beta? When i can i download?
Once i played it a few times online and see that the "offline"-bugs are my only problem. I am positive that there won't be too many issues with this, as i based most parts of my code on Epic's source, but you never know. I've set the release date to late December and plan to hold it, if not even earlier. I am totally excited about it and i want to share a.s.a.p.

What is missing at this stage?
The player-swapping is not as planned yet. Each new round a new attacker is chosen. That part is currently set to "random" while it really needs a strict order which is something that i need to write first while considering late-joining, spectator swapping, disconnects and so on... This can give me a lot of trouble, but after so many headaches i will figure out this one too.

Overall it feels like we are at 70%. What we will also need are maps. I made it super easy to make maps with just two new objects (see concept art) to place anywhere you want.

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