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Current Status of this Mod's development, interesting experiments I've been up to, and potentially very good things to look foward to.

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Hi!, this is a post to let those interested know what's happening with this mod.

First of all, development will probably continue to be very slow, as I am working and studying university, both full time, and would like to go outside sometimes, so this will come, it'll very long, but it'll come.

Currently, I am doing a lot of stuff I can't really post in here, I've made a couple scripts to help me make up for the fact that it's just me (to do some of the more tedious file work), and I'm also trying to import some BFME2 animations into the med2 engine.

I am very bored of long armed, bow legged orcs, looking like dirty angry short people that don't go outside often, instead, I want mine moving in a more simian and wild fashion, hence I'll be adapting the skeletons and animations of orcs and goblins from bfme2, and other old lotr games to work inside Medieval 2.

Orc skeleton from bfme2 in blender.

Some Concept art for Snaga made by Steph, he's helping me immensely.

If you want to help this come sooner, please, join the discord and let me know, people who can model or are good at image editing (UI/Texture work) are most needed, writers welcome too.

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Thar suoer cool!

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