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As it stands we have one playable gamemode "zombie panic" which in other games is frequently called "Infection mode". There is no custom models yet, but do we have custom maps.

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At this moment, we got a playable version of one gamemode. It is however not yet public, but we do hold regular testing/play sessions where anyone can join us. If you wish to keep updated on when these public tests are and how you can join them, then please join our steam group!

"Zombie Panic"

This gamemode is very similar to "infection" gamemode which is used in many other games.
Everyone starts human, and one person will be randomly selected to die and become the first zombie.

If a human dies, he will instantly be revived as a zombie on the spot that he died and crawl up from it's own body.

A zombie is very fast, can take quite a beating and is good at melee. But has no ranged abilities.

The human players can choose between several classes.

  • Infantry Ranker, comes with a musket. Shooting is very effective, his melee is weak.
  • Engineer, comes with a pistol, hammer and axe. Can build defenses and repair doors. medium at melee and weak at ranged.
  • Artillery Ranker, (only on some maps) comes with a ramrod, lighter and short sword. Can operate artillery pieces. Weak melee.
  • The game ends when either the map_time_limit is exceeded or if no one is left alive on the human team.

    For a small visual presentation, here is a video made by one of the fans during one of our early testings. Note that at the time of the video, the mod was only a server side modification and didn't contain many features yet nor custom maps. Currently its a seperate a module with custom sounds and maps/scenes.

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