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The current state of our game.

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Greetings everyone, thank you for trying out our demo and follow us. I know it’s a very bare boned demo, but this is what we can do for now. Currently we’re a team of five people, two of us are drawing artist and three of us are 3D artist. We’re new formed team and developing our first game which is this one.

Let me do an introduction of our game again. It’s a horror survival with Southeast Asia culture elements, think about Asian horror movie or urban legend. The idea of making horror survival is because we’re inspired from certain classic horror survival tittle in the past, it made us want to bring back the good old days. For the culture elements, we would love to show you the urban legend and folk lore in our country. I know many of you confused about the health system in our game, like why there’s fire on top of the character head? Because it’s related to Chinese folk lore, I will explain in our next Devlog.

Our current state of development is still in conceptual and designing but we need to come up with a prototype demo to proof our concept. During making the demo, only two 3D artist doing the job and both drawing artist provide some concepts. Basically we’re still lacking of required people and skill sets, furthermore we’re making it with zero budget. You might be wondering do we have a programmer or anyone with programming background and how do we made this? The answer is no, we actually don’t have a programmer. In technical way, we’re using Unreal Engine 4 and it offers Blueprint, a visual scripting feature without coding. One of our 3D artist tried to study it and make something, thus this is what we have to offer due to skill limitation. We would like to have actual programmer but let me get into that later.

Our goal is to get funded, probably through crowd funding, so that we can working full time on this and hire more people to complete the project. But first, we need to raise awareness, that’s why we joined IndieDB and other platform like GameJolt. We’re hoping to get more audience as much as we can before we start doing crowd funding. For now we’ll try to produce more concept art about character, environment and ghost etc., to let you know what to expect in the final game. Hopefully we can show you in the near future.

That’s it for our first devlog, I thank you for your time for reading this. Please let us know your thought about this game, any feedback and suggestion are welcome.

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