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Thanks to some help from vjeko, I can finally make progress on adding heroes to the 3 new factions.

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At this point of the mod I am nearly finished adding planets and their maps. I have added all the planets I thought were the best known and most seen in the movies and EU. I have aso made sveral changes to current maps and used maps from the mods RAW, Thrawn's Revenge, and RotM. Full credit will be given in the final version. Also, the creator of Rise of the Crime Lords vjeko has instructed me on how to add heroes to the 3 factions (Mandos, Imperium, Hutts) so I will begin working on that as well. I was also hoping for, not saying the time is nearing, but for Beta testers to be ready to sign up. One last question, would you prefer the Imperium or Chiss Ascendancy? If Chiss, I'd need ideas for canon heroes because they are quite lacking.

Also I will be posting some new pictures of of the newly added heroes when I can, so be on the lookout for those.

Also check out the list for the Pirates factions. They both got a new hero.

I am also in need of a modeller, any takers? I have some special requests for some models.

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