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A dip into the background story of the game and an update of what's going on. Many updates are on their way!

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It's not long now until we have to pitch our game with our beefy game document, tech demo and the intro cinematic. Progress has gone well and soon we'll be focusing on the production of the game much more. We have a lot of content to show everyone and it'll all be put up over the course of the next few weeks. Thanks for looking.

In the meantime feel the need to give you some brief background information into the story of the game:

When in 1998 StarOil, a notorious petrol company, started extracting near the island of Mersing, right off the coasts of Malaysia, the world was surprised as there had been no signalling of oil deposits in the zone. Led by a determined man and using state of the art technology, StarOil found what was to be considered the largest natural oil deposit on the face of earth. Immediately USA took interest in the affair, but was beaten on time by Malaysia, by exploiting an international law and managing to take control of the oilfield. Not accepting the actions of the Malaysian government the USA, with the aid of its international coalition, set up a new government that allowed the U.S to exploit the oilfield for one dollar a year. Enraged by the behaviour of the new government a group known as the Harimau took control of the island of Mersing and managed to build a missile facility on it. It’s in this complex and tense situation that the Vice President, tired of the presidential ineptitude, sends in agent Denton as a last resort.


I hate pitching! Its a good skill to have but I still get pretty nervous! Good luck, project is coming along well!

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