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Current Progress On Coalition War. This are the current Changes that were made.

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We are currently making a major changes to all of our custom faction.
Which is....

We are still not sure if were gonna release the update along with the ai.
We will inform you what going on if possible.


Added new hero unit (Oracle)
-With custom unit sounds
Flying Beast that actually flies. (Aerial Unit)
Fixed several units team colour problems.

New Engineer Graphic
Added Emissary Unit (Base expension)
Added AVATAR (NOD only) with ai.
(So nod ai will use the new unit AVATAR)
Fixed the missing nod laser turret.

Red Dawn:
Added Emissary Unit (Base expension)
Added NOD Sensory Array
Added Mobile Repair Vehicle
Removed Blue spots at edge of construction yard
New Barracks
New Warfactory
Tiberium Brute shadow fixed.
New Engineer Graphic
Some new Unit Sounds.
-Beam Cannon

New Barracks
New Battle Lab Hideology
New Mirage/Stealth Pillbox
New Defence Structure
New construction Yard
New Repair Pad
Fixed Unit Shadows
New Infantry
New Giant Robot (Carbon Hide)
-With custom units sounds
New Medium Robot (Titanium Hide)
-Shot dual lasers
New Light Tank (Detrox)
New warthog Cameo

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