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Just explaining some design and what to expect in this mission.

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Update One 18/11/2014

As you might have seen in the pictures a major part of the map has been redesigned for gameplay reasons and the fact that before it just didn't look and feel right.

The story

The Moscow of this world is drastically different as a result of the German triumph over England and the city of Stalingrad, most of Russia has been secured as the main German army travels further east in an attempt to finish the communist government once and for all. Several attempts at taking Moscow have failed resulting in irreplaceable losses instead of continuing the assault and wasting troops needed for the Siberian campaign German and Moscow region Generals met in 1945 to sign a treaty separating the city from the remaining Soviet Union and thus peace between the two began however ariel reconnaissance photos have reported a major threat being built in the city which will need urgent action.

Design layout and features

This map will have 5 different areas each with alternative routes. Two initial paths will lock the player into taking the selected path to the endbattle from which they will link up meaning that there are two halves of the map to play. The paths will probably allow the play to switch earlier.

Most parts of the map have vertical elements to it and you will be fighting enemies below and above you.
Enemy vehicles and anti-aircraft weapons will be added as major challenges of each area.
Not heavily scripted like most of my missions.
Story info posted around the map.
B2F modded weapon sounds and skins.
Quality buildings,detailed level design and effects.
Immersive music and sounds.
Surprise encounters.
Allied back up in areas.
New weapons and vehicles possibly added in late development.

Beginning - Geometry complete.
Middle - Geometry scrapped and remade from scratch, major hurdle passed so the map can progress now.


Aiming for early-mid 2015 release depending on personal circumstances it will not be rushed.

Thanks taintxs



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