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Fret not, but the mappack is still being developed. It's been awhile or.. not at all that we've posted some news. So here is one!

The mod/mappack as it is now, is pretty much a mess. We will be spending time to organize and make the maps sexier. We're also busy coming up with ideas for new test elements, and are trying to drive the mod into a new route, which consists of new and custom testing elements, new chamber styles and more.

Most of the things we're planning to do:

  • Redo all the chambers, fully optimize them and make them look as sexy as stock maps.
  • New storyline
  • New custom elements
  • More artstyles
  • New soundtracks
  • Anything that pops up in our head

and most importantly, renaming the mod/mappack to a nicer name.

We'll be posting pictures and more news as updates are being made.

The goal of the project now as it stands is to completely redo all that has been done. We're not quite sure when this will end but we assure you that the maps will be finely polished.


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