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You awake to find yourself trapped in another place. How you got wherever you are is a mystery to you but one thing is for sure - something is very out of place.

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- CEP 2.3 enabled
- Huge world area (150+ Areas) designed for lots of players.
- Excellent quality in all areas, conversations, and events
- Epic storyline that spans all the way from levels 1-40 lined with quests - no grinding necessary!
- Complete quests differently based on your character stats (alignment, abilities, class, sex)
- Combat, Stealth, and Magic guilds
- Become a vampire or lich.
- XP for disabling traps/skill success
- Diety system where gods are always watching you and rewarding/punishing your actions
- Hundreds of balanced weapons so that fights are always challenging, but fun - no OP characters
- Scripted boss fights where more than just hack 'n' slash is required
... and much more constantly being added!


You are a being from another plane who awakens to find yourself trapped in another place. You are immediately confronted by a strange orb of light which calls itself "The Preserver". He or it is surprised at your sudden appearance near a rift in the fabric of time and space that has halted the ability for its race to read the flow of time and foresee events as it normally does. It tells you that it came to this place to find the cause of the rift and that it won't know how to send you back to your own time and plane without further knowledge of the anomaly.You quickly disguise yourself with a garb taken from an unfortunate man who just happened to be near the rift as it formed and was killed as a result. As directed by the Preserver, you head for the nearby town of Aldersley as a sort of "eyes and ears" for the Preserver, but more just to stay out of its way as it remains hidden near the rift and studies it further.As the plot thickens, you must choose whether to help The Preserver and the rest of the creatures being besieged by an unknown benevolent force or do whatever it takes to return home before the Realm is utterly destroyed. Good or evil, you have a mission - and the flow of time is coming to and end.


The inspiration for the module comes from my lifetime experience and knowledge of some of the best RPGs ever made. It was also heavily influenced by the movie Timeline, which you should go see if you haven't already. You will recognize elements from The Legend of Zelda, the Elder Scrolls, Secret of Mana, The Lord of the Rings, and lastly, but certainly not least; the Neverwinter Nights campaign itself. My objective is to compile my love of RPGs, taking the best elements, and combining them all into a place where all those fantasies can coexist together.

For more info or to join the team, contact Psynexus ( and more being added constantly!

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