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A list of the project's currently completed and in development features.

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As of the past few weeks, I have been busy on a number of features, so here is an update on the project's status.

Completed Features:

  • Death Curse - The player is affected by the Death Curse upon leaving the safe zone designated, given 6:00 to do as they please before the curse activates at 0:00 and starts a poison effect that will last until death or the player escapes to the sanctuary and activates the Hero's Shrine.

In Progress Features:

  • Customization System - Currently being finalized, but is functional. Elves are not yet implemented. Allows the player to chose a male or female character, as well as race and class.
  • Combat System - In progress, but functions. Operates on a turn based system as a default, defeating an enemy allows the Death Curse timer to be reset to 6:00.
  • Adaptive World - The world will change as the hero progresses through the storyline and unlocks new regions to access. Areas under control of the enemy will often begin to be restored to a more peaceful, relaxed tone due to the progression of the story. Monster clans can be convinced to become allies or be turned into full on enemies by finding and destroying the respective clan's village. Progress - in early phases.

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