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I'm still working on the mod but have been set back a few major stages. As a one man army, i have had to delay production for more important things.

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Hello, fellow Game of Thrones fans,

Sorry about the huge gap between updates recently, i'm not sure where this mod is going at the moment. As you may know, the majority of the models used in this mod are not made by me as of now. I had been working on making my own models but i got lazy and used ones i knew where good already. I still intend on releasing this mod, just not sure exactly when i will be doing so. Granted, i have stopped working on this mod for a while now, but it has not been scrapped. I've had to balance between this and college work, working on this when i have the chance (as little often as that is). Well anyway, i will try pick up the pace, no promises though.

Thanks for the friendly feedback, it is really appreciated.

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