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Finally, pre-alpha is here. The game still doesnt have the 10 levels, but atleast i added a new one.

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Pre-alpha, the preparation for alpha. This is a really important update, wich prepares the game for a bigger update. Heres are some new stuff i had been adding on this game.


- Soldiers! (Available on level 5+)
* Soldier (level 5+)
* Marine (level 6+)
The soldiers, for now, are slightly stupid, but just slightly. They are some type of compination of player and tower. The soldiers moves towards to the clossest target and attacks them. The reason there stupid is becouse i have no ideia on how to make a smart AI, so my creation is a bit stupid. To spawn them, click on the core and recrute.
- Edited a bit on the menu screen, now has a core, mountains and 1 more flag. I dont need to change the menu screen by now.
- New gun!
* Bazuka (level 5+)
- New Tower!
* Missile Tower (lvel 5+)
- Tweaked the gui's
- New level. This level is really hard, just by the reason that has to spawning areas.
- Tweaked some scripts
- Now, when you lose, you don't get that gameover screen. Now, the camera moves towards the core and then shows some Guis up.

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